Friday, June 04, 2004

Of Bar Tops and Bar Maids

Ok you guys must be thinking I am going to be writing about my lusty desires of barmaids at bars, well, you cannot be more wrong. Last nite I had the pleasure(displeasure) of watching one of teh 1st bar top dancing competitions in Singapore, looky here... squeaky clean Singapore is getting sleazier by teh minute.

I guess they are serious about this creative singaporean shit. Anyway, i was down to hope to catch lost of boobies and maybe some panty. The 1st few contestants wore tight bikini type tops and stick on tight pants. Strut their stuf gyrated their bobies, but me and a few friends felt that something was amiss. The dancing was more of teh normal dancing but on top of the so called bar, which was only 3 foot off the ground. Not enuff height to see some panty action and too much height to reach these 'ah lian' dancers.

Then came some malay competitors, well you know how it goes when they take part, they get real creative and daring, well i was not to be disappointed, my friend(lets call her mammy) was like telling me that the 1st one had even came down with some sort of costume. She roved the whole bar as she strut her stuff, only complain there is that if only she was pretty. The second malay contestant wore a skirt so short and bent and gyrated on the bar top left nothing to imagination when she flashed her pink undies. Panty finally I though. Later on another contestant with a skirt came on, she was a cute chinese gal with a hint of eurasian look. Too bad she wore black underskirt pants and did not show much. You got to hand it to those malays, they do know how to turn up the heat at a party.

We had a guess appearance from a certain phoenix that caught us by surprise(well 10K worth of prizes was bound to lure everyone out) Towards teh end, another contestant with a dress came up, but manage to only shyly danced a bit as she did not want to show off her white underskirt pants. During the wait for teh results, some patrons took to the music and went up the bar top to do their jiggy with it. One gal with a mini flare skirt toook up center stage as she banged her hips like she was in some sexual concoctation and showed a little more than her moves, lets say we now call her white panty.

Overall the nite was not wasted as i got to see some half cups/three quater cups and a bit more panty than expected. There was also this gal in a floral tube top and flare skirt sitting at the back table whom gave me some weird mixed signals like she knew me or something, maybe some one i bedded and forgotten about? Who knows, but she did look cute at that moment. The results had some upturns and some non surprises, like both the malay gals I mentioned qualify for the finals. 2 guys whom one looked gay went in. Our GOH did not make it though gave a flamboient display. I felt wanted though not confrim for the 1st time in a long time( I guess its the car keys)

Lastly I caught my yandao guy friend staring at one of the 2 barmaids that went ard promoting the tequila rose and she was loooking back at him. He of coz denied staring at her and when I said out loud to him to quit staring and go up to her, she blush and looked away(yes I am a spoiler). Maybe I might actually get away witha few names and numbers if I tried? well I guess we will never know, co z I dun go up to gals, I let them come to me.