Friday, June 11, 2004

Of Bar Tops and Bar Maids Part II

Here it is another installment of our lusty bar top report on wild gyrations and hip thrusting youngsters taht strut their stuff on a narrow platform called the bar top! Last nite was the second heats of the 1st bar top competition whereby a young hip thrusting, ass shaking, belly gyrating individual may win a trip for 2 to hong kong and prizes worth 10K( yes 10K of singapura simolian ) To say that the competition was fierce is an understatement, The moment when the 1st 2 contestants got up to the bar to strut ( more like gyrate ) their stuff ( read as asses ) the cohensive thought came to all our minds, 'Now this is Bar Top Dancing'. Compared to the flop of contestants we had last wee at china bar, those present this nite were all better than even those who went into the finals already during teh 1st heats.

I was surprised at how much difference it was with the contestants last nite and those of a week ago. Any of these contestants would put those last week to shame. Well I think the 1st 10 finalist sort of have that prepared in their minds, as I spoted all of them there chking the competition out. It was an unbeleivable nite that turned bar top dancing into more of a strip tease joint, ony thing that lacked were men going up to the dancers to shove 10 dollar bills into their skimpy outfits. Well my friend and I were tempted to do that as more of teh contestants resorted to stripping more than dancing. Though their moves were of coz still better than those at last week's event.

We have all types of competitors, the 1st contestant wore a white halter top that left little to imagine and showed more flesh on the top side than needed. She gyrated really well and of coz attracted the attention of many. I was tempted to go up to her to buy her a drink, obviously she made it to the finals. Next there was this guy that had the nerve to 1st bare his top showing a more than meaty torso. But he did move that torso to the tune more like a mR universe competition and ended it by showing his butt crack and G string under his pants like a rendition of 'Are you Hot or Not' competition. Though he advanced into the finals, I cannot help but trying to burn that image off his G string out of my mind.

Then we have the bikini gals. Well the 1st ne with a tiny shorts and bikin top ( both black ) caught my friends eye and he was like drooling at her image. I felt her dance was very like an ah lian, but since she dared to show more flesh, I was sure she would qualify, I was not disappointed. The second was one with a name that was hard to forget, Samantha De Cruz ( relatives of Andrea De cruz? ) well she look like her relative anyway. She started with a mini trench coat covering her all, and burst out the coat to a sparklin bikini top with a skirt that was short enuff to make guys wana stoop lower to see her undies. Sadly it was hard to see anything in those light conditions ( beleive me I tried ). No prizes for guessing she advanced. Sadly there was this other show gal whom wore a all glitery bikni skirt combo showing her black underpants that did not make it. I guess Sam out shone her.

Then there was this tall babe ( or so it seems ) in a white top and black short skirt and tranlucent undies, I swear I saw some pussy last nite. I tell you I swear it on my friends head. He was baffled when I told him I saw pussy. He was like 'where , where?' i noticed at her crouch was a black patch like her pubes and when she did the bedn down thingy with her ass in the air and pointing towards me, it looked like her pussy was staring me blankly. I remitted the findings to Shervon adn lexelle, and they told me that its a tranny. I was like no shit, then shervon pointed her adam's apple to me, I was amozed how lady like her pussy looked. Oh btw, she burst out from her white top into black leotard top in mid of dancing. No prizes for guessing that 'she' made it to the next round.

Last to be mentioned is this gal that wore a suzie wong outfit with her real surname as wong too. She donned one of those fluffy feathery shashs that the old school show gals took to when they performed on stage. Her moves were sensual and her fore play with teh feathered shash was complete, even with a throw it in the air finale. This women have good sized boobs and an ass that could make any guy cum if she turned profession to lap top dancer. Only thing that was left to be desire was her face, with only a above average face, she did not shine in that department. She too advanced to the next round.

There were more contestants that shld have been mentioned, but since they did not make it to the next round, I shall not waste disk space. If only they went for the last competition last week, they would have stood a much better chance of getting in. It was a better nite fo rthe dancers but a less fun nite for us, as we did not have our chill out tok and jokes liek that last time. No gal gave a hoot about me nor my friend and the barmaids were not pretty this time. Most likely I will be there at the finals next week and you will get to read part III of this series.