Thursday, June 10, 2004

Attraction of Men and Women

Well ever wonder why some ppl are just attracted to others simple by being in there presence? Wad did I hear you say? Nonsense you say? There is no such thing? Well after watching a Discovery episode about human attraction and the scientific ways they deducted their findings, I am pretty impressed with some of the things that explains why you fall for certain ppl even when you dun know them.

For instance, do you know that men and women prefer more symetrical faces than those with differences from their left and rite side of their faces. It showed that even those popular movie stars have very symetrical faces. So if you want ppl to notice you more, make sure that your left and rite do not have too obvious difference else someone whom you are attracted to may pass you over.

Then there is this fact that its not about how fat or big size or slim a gal is that matters to men. Its actually the waist to hip ratio of a gal that counts. wad i mean is that the waist must be smaller than the hips. even for bigger sized gals, as long as the waist is smaller than the hip by a large margin, men will still look at you. I guess its quite true, I too have been caught looking at plump gals, and noticed that I only look at those with curvy and large waist to hip ratios. Also, if a women is to increase her hip to waist ratio she will be deemed more attractive. This is believed that a women with larger hip to waist ratio are more fertile.

Women on the other hand, are controlled by their ovalation and the smells that men produce. Thus when a women is ovalating she tends to be attracted to men with more masculine features and this attraction seems to overides all previous preferences for a mate. Maybe this is why women also act on impulses and have one nite stands.

I guess science ave proven that men look for outer beauty more than women do, an dmaybe thats why men tend to stray when they see prettier gals, or at least men tend to look at gals more than women looking at men. Since men are driven by physical urges more an dwomen by urges that are unseen.