Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Things that crossed my mind

Last nite as I went to collect my pet form the vet after her surgery of stiching her up from the gash she had from fighting with the other rabbit. I saw 2 very slim, ah lian like, 'chio' gals. Ok it sound very ah beng eh? Anyway, these 2 gals seemed to look very like the sisters of kiboo, my 'mei mei' from aussie. Though I had never met them, but kiboo had shown me their photos b4, and those 2 gals looked exactly like them.

Well as usual I just waited like a stone statue for my pet, but I could not help noticeing that the younger one ( one with big eyes and cute face ) looked at my a bit. Maybe its my imagination that a beauty like her is taking notice of me, or maybe she was looking at teh huge dog behind me, either way, she was mighty cute. A bit thin but mighty cute. The only thing that was a down side was both these gals smoked, at that moment I realized that it could not be kiboo's sisters, as I doubt they smoke, and her younger sister is supposely to be only 16.

Other stuff that crossed my mind today.... well I read a few friends blogs and wondered, it would seemed that all the ppl whom used to be very free to meet up, once got attached drifted away in their own lives. Kind of makes you wonder if these ppl got to know each other in the 1st place for one goal only. Long gone are the days where ppl met up to tok kok. The forums where I used to go is like a desert and only the scavangers are left, picking on all teh bones of those whom stubbornly stay in that domain.

Its sad to see a group of ppl whom have know each other for some time drift away, i guess in my life no firendship last. Anyway I kinda of got used to it since secondary sch, i always drifted from one grp of ppl to the next. I think the problem shld be me, as I am the only one that drifts to the next grp and the next grp. Maybe my standards for friends are just too high. Maybe my own defenses are just too high and thus in term, repells ppl. Oh well, I live my life for myself and not others.