Monday, June 28, 2004

Why Darwin is right!!

Yesterday as I went on my merry way of weekend hobby as usual, I stumbled upon probably the dumbest facades of the singaporean intelligence. There I was at MS(marina south) arriving at 4 pm on a warm sunday afternoon to find not 1 but 4 high performance ROAD cars(might I stress on the word ROAD again) in the middle of the field I usual do my leisurely business on.

Now this field is out of the way from the normal motorway, and the dirt road that leads in is riddled with bumps, potholes and other death traps. I was watching in amazement how dumb these singaporeans can be. Imagine this, you are in a high perfoamance ROAD car, and your zipping up and down this dirt bumpy road trying to race each other out in the middle of the day. If they are trying to kill their car, I guess they sort of succeeded. These imbeciles are not only dumb, but guess wad? THEY ARE AH BENGs!!! With unbuttoned shirts up to their navels no less.

They have absolutely no chest hair. Even my chest was hairier than theirs and teher they are displaying wad lil (read as none) chest hair. Trying to impress their 'Ah lians' killing their suspension of their cars zipping up and down this bumpy road. I wonder why is it the dumb get all teh fortune sometimes. Coz in the midst of teh cars, there was a fully mod R34 skyline, a hopped up sylvia and a fully tweaked Type R integra. These dumb asses got the money to boot.

Ok I know you guys might think that its mean to call these cave men dumb, well let me prove you why they shld be on the list of darwin's theory of evolution and be breed out of teh gene pool. The owner of the skyline locked himself out with teh keys in his car. The owner of the integra while trying to impress some poor bitch crashed his car on a deep bump catching his fiber glass body kit, making an impact that buckled his hood. That is a feat no normal (read as sane) person can do. A tow truck was called in to 1st help the poor baffoon open his car and later tow the integra away.

These dumb asses have no where else to throw their money for sure. I watch in amazement how dumb these cave men can be, just to prove one thing......that they are suffering from SPS (refer to my earlier post about it for meaning). Like as though winning of going at break neck speeds on a bumpy road will help make the gal in their car next to them cum in their seats so they can bring them to a deeper and far secluded area to fuck their brains out. Maybe they think that having their cars flying over the bumps will have sort of a massaging or theraputic effect to stimulate the gal's clits and give them an orgasm even without having sex.

Wadever their evcuse for living is, I hope that they would be breed out of existence as it clearly shows that these ppl do not have the maturity nor mental capacity to act responsibly with the 'money?' they earn or the things they have. Maybe they shld all seal themselves in an airtight room and ponder why its getting harder to breath each minute.

Xando Update

Day 2 went by and my weight is now 76.5Kg I think its more of a water loss than anything else. well they did say in 3 days you are supposed to loose 3.6Kg, but 3.6Kg of wad? water or fat? well we will see by the end of tml if I lost that much. But it do not look good at this point.