Thursday, June 17, 2004

SPS ( Small Penis Syndrome )

Ok I take my word back that only men have thi scondition exlcusively. Yesterday I went to Broadcast asia to look ard at new broadcasting technologies. Also at the event some big handphone manufacturers had booths to show case their lastest in handphone technology. I was at the samsung booth where by most of teh gals there were nice and friendly, answering all teh questions they can at best. Though most would not kno wmuch of the product since they are hired help to be vases in the show.

Then in the crowd of lovely gals, there wa sone such gal that really pissed me off with her attitude. Wad happened was when we looked at a new model of phones that was about to launch, my friend whom wanted to get a new one soon, asked about teh camera in teh phone. Whether it has a night vision function or so. Then the gal attending to us has no idea and she asked her colleague. The colleague replied no, and even if it had, it would not be good for taking photos in nite spots.

I remarked that she was a clubber, she turned ard and snapped back saying, 'no I am not a clubber' and carried on saying ' I used to be a BARMAID' like its some prestigous thing. I had teh WTF look on my face in my mind I did not aunderstand why she had to tell us that detail. As though she had to say that she is no ordinary clubber and a elite barmaid of some kind. i mean is barmaid that prestigious? in my mind I think barmaids are more like bar whores and here this bitch is giving us a heads down on her previous job. Obviously she has SPS and must one up on wadever you say. Just like most men suffering form the same condition.

Now I am convinced that this condition is indeed infectious, esp when gals get fucked by men suffering form it and it is passed on like STD or something like that. Maybe its passed thru just by being in teh presence of such ppl. Its worst than SARS I tell you!!