Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The world revolves ard you? FINE THEN!

Some ppl are weird, when they want someone to tok to, they come to you all nice an all, while when they are stressed, they take it out on you. I wonder wad friendship really is, these ppl only kno whow to take and not give which is absolutely selfish. I guess it serves me rite for associating myself with them. With these ppl they think that they are always rite, and yet when you point their mistakes in their face, they throw a tantrum.

Then there are cases of ppl whom just fell out of love and do not know the problem, nor why teh relationship fell thru. Frankly speaking I think sometimes we got to take a good look at oneself b4 blaming it on the other party. Have you ever wondered if the problme was yourself and that you might be unbearable, be it being too tempermental or needy or just outright unbearable. I myself always ask if teh problem is with myself when something wrong happens. I try to find the fault in myself 1st b4 looking at it on someone else. I guess being humble is very important to be able to find teh faults in oneself, for over egoistic ppl tend to think the problem lies in others and on 1st signs of distress, shell it out on the other party.

Also A lot of us always think that the whole world revolves ard oneself, that wadever happens to oneself is so much more worst that anyone else. Have these ppl really ever suffered? I dun think so. all They do is say that their lives are teh worst, when they have a roof over their heads, ppl that love them and friends they can fall on. I myself can say that I have a roof over my head, a family that loves me, but I do not have friends I can fall on and today, I just proved that was true. its ok, I loose friends all the time, I dun blame them, like recently I had this arguement with a friend of mine whom I had for 14 yrs. Just like that the friendship is gone.

She knows that wad she is doing is wrong herself, yet she keeps saying she cannot help herself, even when adversity is staring blank in her face. I declared I am going to give up on her. Well basically there is nothing I can do for her even so, so why bother rite? She got into this position that this guy that she loves (or hates, or wadever) caused her to have a car accident with her brand new 3 month old car. The car is in such a bad shape that it might be scrapped. Yet she still wants to see this guy. Worst thing is he had beaten her b4, is still married to another women(whom he at 1st promised to leave) and runs away from the 1st sight of problems.

So here I am loosing all my friends one by one, thinking if the porblem lies with me. I realized that the problem is not me, and its with these ppl, they want to be self destructive I cannot do a think for them. They want to be self centered, I cannot do a thing for them, They want to be petty, its not my problem. So I guess I shall rid myself from all these ppl so that they dun clutter me. Yeap you ain't going to come to me when you are all sad and all anymore, I had enuff, I am also human too. So then its your fault that this relationship sis not work out, its your fault that your life is crap coz you dun want to snap out of it and wake your fucking idea up. Its your fault that you want to be whiny and dependant like a leech among your friends. Just that I wun be that person for you to take it out on anymore, I too had enuff of your shit.

Have a good life and do wadever you want. I dun give a damn anymore.