Tuesday, June 22, 2004

How scheming women can be

Recently, I have to send a friend's friend back coz she was drunk. Lets call her Miss A. How she got that state was an elaborate scheme to actually seduce a guy whom she has had the hots for for a very long time. This Guy lets call him Mr B is quite well to do, and is the co-owner of 2 seperate business, of which one of them is a pub in a well known pubbing district. Now now you can start to see why this gal seems so smitten by him now eh. I mean any gal that ends up with him will have their future taken care of.

Ok now lets tok about Mr B, he is quite good looking, of ok build and size, toks like a well educated expat, etc etc. Only thing that I dun get is that, he likes to drive his friend's car, fast cars in fact. While he seldoms or never drives his own saloon car to the pub to park outside. Is it that a pub must have a fast car parked outside to gather customers? I wonder if he has a problem with his ego, if me, I would rather park my own car there. If I want to park a fast car, i would make sure that the said fast car belongs to me and not one of my friends. Surely this guy has some issues with his ego or self confidence.

Now lets tok about Miss B, SHe comes from a simple back ground staying in a normal HDB estate like all of us. Education wise, I guess that she is not really highly educated if not she wun be spending so much time in that said pub workin for free for Mr B. She is gorgeous and has a very sexy figure, which she tot was enuff to entice her target. She looks like she has an air of confidence which might have been the results of years of guys chasing her and hearts she played with ( and yet she has no clue why this guy rejects her )

So the stage is set, she has tried every tactic to hook Mr B but to no avail. She even invited him up on serveral occasions to her place for a nite cap, and wadever that happens after that, making it very obvious that she would part her legs for him. He on teh other hand turned her down countless of times. She resorts to her last tactic, she gets drunk in his pub one nite. Hoping that he would have to send her home. In her intoxicated stated, she would demand him sending her up, ad when he goes in, she would do everything to bed him. That is the hypothesis of this plan.

Problem was, she never forsee that a person that was on the way to help his good friend ( another gal, lets call her Miss C ) home. Since Miss C works for Mr B also, he asked her a favour to see if I could send Miss A home too. Me being the nice person I am, and would gladly do things for my friend in need, agreed send the drunken Miss A home. At 1st she refused to bulge form her drunken state knowing that Mr B is not going to send her home. He in fact was rather cold hearted and did not even attend to Miss A, not even as a friend would. Finally after a few other ppl coaxing her to get into my car she relented.

Upon reaching her place, she mumbled something about 'all is lost, all her plans gone down the drain' that I realized wad had happened. Still in her drunkened state, she actually did not want me to send her up, but she could not walk straight, if it was Mr B taht was there at the moment, the situation would have been reversed with her begging him to send her up. Finally I took her up with pain staking effort, saw her into the gates of her home b4 leaving myself.

I just dun understand why gals like that cheapen themselves for men with money. Its sad that the world we live in resorts to this. The guy offered me money for sending Miss A home, I rebuked him saying that I was not his fucking cab driver. This guy obviously cannot face up to his own problems and relys on running from them more than solving them. While this gal is going to do wadever it take sto get him. I wonder if he looses all he has will she still want him. As for myself, I can proudly say that even at such a drunken state, I did not take a single advantage of this gorgeous gal. In fact I was more pissed at teh situation than anything. I think chivary is dead in singapore, I guess thats why women label all men as bastards.