Friday, June 18, 2004

Of Bar Tops and Barmaids Part III

The long awaited last installment of this series has finally come. Last nite was the Finals for the 1st singapore bar top dancing competition. There are 20 finalist from the previous 2 heats. The event was quite a high key event where by invites were given out to a select few. The rest had to enter through 1st drink admissions. I myself was not aware of that the competition started at 8 pm instead of the usual delayed 9 pm start time. As I had other matters to attend to earlier, i missed completely the 1st 10 contestants.

For all the video links, right click on them and save to your pc.

This time round I was armed with my digital camera and took some stills and videos of the last 10 contestants. The last 10 made up mostly of those that where from the 2nd heats that happpened last week. Number 11 and 12 was a guy name cash and the sexy Samantha de cruz(probably the only contestant whose name I remember due to the name) She flaunted her sexy figure and gyrated to the music and added a shake your bon bons move. Also her 2 piece pink mini skirt and savage top meant that she revealed some meat too, though not as much as she did last week.

The guy was from the 1st week competition (somewhat gay) and again tried his thing with shaking his ass but with an added twist, seeing that most ppl stripped last week, he decided to do that too, well someone shld tell him that that is old news already.

This is the video of the duo

Then the next 2 contestants came up, 2 gals one i a black plunging neck line and short skirt, the second had a bra like top with glitery beads flowing down it covering her tummy, which may be a good thing as she was one of the last min contestants which qualified last week. She could dance but her coordination was left to be desired.

In mid dance she took a step too wild and slipped of the bar top and fell backwards, maybe hitting her head. I guess she hit her head a bit too hard coz she got up went straight back up to the bar top and finished her dance. Which became more uncoordinated. The other gal was nothing much spectacular so I decide not to write much about her.

Video of them dancing and this is of her falling down the bar

Next up was the guy whom I tot shld not be in the finalist of last weeks batch and one of my fav gyrators I had last week. Again she wore aan open back apron top that left almost nuthing left to the imagination as she showed almost everything. Her routine was the usual gyrating of hips and thrusting of her lower crotch, that made swells in many of the guys pants.

Though she was a bit big sized, she still had the curves to back up her reason for being in the finals. Her gyrations did stir attentions from some of teh rowdier of guys who did go up to her to get her number, or so I think that is wad they did.

Great video of her gyrating to the music here

Number 17 and 18 were 2 of the sexier of the contestants due to their small frames and ample boobs for their frame size.

17 was the character whom had her now famous feather shash which she did a few sexy poses for the photo hungry men.

18 was a sexy gal with a uniqe name, whom wore yet another open back apron top. Though her moves where sexy, she had her hair covering her face most of the time that not many paid attention to her.

Back to 17, this time she choose a show gal bikini top to show case her racks (she had big racks) but as uaul she had only a very average face that wouuld ensure her not going into the final 3.

Check their moves out here and here

Lastly we have Mr powers(meaty torso but dare to strip down to his underwear) and the tranny. Again mr power was donning a robe when he was on bar topside, slowly he gyrated to the music and did his little strip tease act. he was down to his glitery tight shorts by the 1st min in the the dance. As usual he played ard with his shorts well in to the dance but this time, he completely took it off to show his golden underwear. Later on he took 2 candles and dripped wax on himself ala tiger show style. the tranny did her stuff but was more or less ignored due to the power show going on next to her. She too burst out in her top for a desperate attempt to beat her competitor by showing wad lil boobs she had. I could have sworn she had bigger ones last week, I guess she forgot to take 1 injection or 2.

No stills for these 2 but this video instead

The results were not too stunning, 3rd place went to the stripper Mr powers whom worn by dripping wax on his body. the 2nd place went to Samantha de cruz, I guess she won becoz of her cool name, as I could not find a reason of her not so outstanding performance that she shld be in that spot. The winner, was a gal who donned a cowboy hat, a white shirt top tied at teh bottom, and tight jeans shorts. she had golden wavy lockes and big eyes almost reminding you of Jamie Yeo of perfect 10. Iu heard to win, she took a jug of ise water and poured it on herself during the performance, wetting teh white top to let the men orgal at her black satin bra. So in short, to win, you got to either drip wax on your body in front of a crowd, have a name that is in reminiscse of an actress or pour water all over your succulent body for men to drool over.