Sunday, June 27, 2004

Early in the morning.....

I awoke this morning to loud banging of furniture. I wondered why was my father throwing his temper again. Then he came to me and complained about how late my mother came home last nite. She was said to have come home at 3 am in the morning. This is like one of the few times my mom came home that late and my father is throwing a fit. I guess he has a quer way of showing his concern.

I went to my mom to ask her about last nite and she said that after the show her friends wanted to go for supper and thus was so late. She told me that she did not want to go with them but since they travelle in a group she had to follow them. I told her that in future if she did not want to go, she can call me to go pick her up.

My parents are weird at times, my father seems to be the typical man of the house and his word is final. I wonder when its my turn to be man of teh house which path shld I choose to take? Oh well I guess i am not that MCP to be the typical man of the house type. I do not think its wise to have my say as final, but we will yet to see the future I guess.

As of this blog, my wt is 77.1Kg lets see if I can loose 3 kg in 3 days as xando has claimed.