Saturday, June 26, 2004

Why you shld watch a show in a cinema in the city

I was watching the best bet last nite at toa payoh cineplex, since I was not feeling well enuff to go to some big meet up party that I really wanted to go in town. So Itold myself since the nite is wasted, why not watch a show. I went down to the local cineplex and decided to watch the best bet. It shld be a quiet and funny treat for myself.

WRONG! 1st when I seated at my seat, came a family of an elder women and her children of 30+ of age and they were yaking away like there was no tomorrow. I decided to move to a more secluded region of the theatre. Then while watching the show there was this old man that kept shouting out wad he thinks is the plot line at the audience in hokkien no less! Sometime s you got to wonder whether to pity this old man for having no one to tok to and has to resort in shouting to all the ppl in there wad he thinks. He also seemed deranged like as though he lost all his money in 4D and thus lashes it out at teh rest of us.

Well as funny as teh show was, it would have been a much better experience be it that there were less rowdy ppl in the cinema. I have never or yet to see such behaviour occuring in the more populated cinemas in town. Probably why ppl go to such places to watch a show in teh 1st place. to get a quality show with an equally quality audience.

Xando and a lot Shit

I have always been not too happy about my out look and my weight in recent years. So I decided that I want to loose some weight. Being the lazy ass I am I decided to give Xando a try, since it states that its clinically proven plus it has a $5mil worth of insurance to back it up.

This morning as I prepared to take my breakfast, I poped 2 pills that they recommended to chew 1st b4 swallowing to get the best effects. Did so and ate my breakfast like normal. 20 mins later, I was in a mad rush to the toilet as my stomach was feeling a bit under teh weather. I went to the loo and low and behold, a lot of crap came out, well, its not the usual crap, this crap looks like the curry that you have with your prata. Its 1st time I have something like this out of me. I was wondering whether to atribute this to the pills or to the nonsense I have been subjecting my tummy to.

On the pacakaging it says no laxatives are in teh pills, and yet I want to go to the loo. Also it stated that the pills block out carbo absorbtion and all. Maybe thats why I feel light headed now, or wa sthat teh fact that I am still suffering from the flu. In all fairness, i will do these pills till I finish its course and by then how to loose ard 10 Kgs of ugly fat. I will keep those interested in these fan wong endorsed pills if they work or not thru this blog. Hopefully I do loose some unwanted weight and start training for my IPPT.