Friday, June 25, 2004

Sickness subverts all

Yup you are rite, I am sick!! That is a feat in it itself. I dun fall sick that often, actullay for the last 4 yrs this is like teh second time I am sick. My bones are achy. my nose is blocky and I sound very whiny in this blog. Ok I will look at the bright side of things then. It is funny that the day I fall sick is teh day that our haze was at a bad index ( 2 days ago ). I guess I am controlled by the quality of teh air we breath more than anything else.

I know a lot of ppl fall sck for the slightess reasons and have always tired to not take mc and go to work even if I was running a mild fever. Now, since I drive I cannot afford to do that anymore, wad if I drove while sick and caused an accident? Not only will I total my car I would maybe have done the same to another person, or worst cause a fatality. So I shall not go to work in the name of the safety of all those out there. Today as I drag my ass out of bed, I still ached, more so than yesterday. yet I miraculously got to work iwth no incident.

There was another major accident again today, it delayed me a whole bit. The accident involved a mitsu colt with a P plate. Funny that I recently been seeing a lot of P plates involved with accidents. Mayeb thats why ppl look down on P plates. I guess its a mind set of ppl that shld change that not all P plates are hazards and not all experience drivers are flawless.