Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Well today as i am stuck in my in house course I got to think about the stuff that I can do this weekend. Yes its only tuesday and i am thinking about the weekend to come. One thing that most of you guys will be out catching is the up coming spiderman 2 whereby reviews sound like a must watch.

Here Ia m supposed to be on a course about macromedia flash mx 2004(which we do not even have) and all I can think of is the weekend. Anyway this thursday I will be on leave and thus shld not be blogging, unless some interesting shit happens. Since this is a 2 day course, paid by my company, I might not even blog tomorrow and it will be thursday the day after, the week does look short all of a sudden.

I had some thoughts about the recent prostitution problems we have in singapore. In the past the police have had always had their way of controlling it. In recent articles on the news stating that these chinese nationals have even taken to the streets in china town soliciting really got me wondering wad these police are doing.

Last nite as I was with a friend that is going to leave my company soon, spending time with him chatting over old times, we decided to head down to the infamous geylang to see wad it looks like now. To my amazement, not only parking was hell but the amount of 'working ladies' on the streets felt like we are no longer in the green city of Singapore but a backward third world country where by crime roams and runs amok.

These 'working ladies' are almost everywhere, no longer do they confim their business at the Golden triangle and odd lors, they moved all over the place sweeping from Lor 8 to 18. I even saw many at lor17, 19 and 21, which I never tot had such transactions going on. The place was flooded with them, more than 100 of these ladies were strewed all throughout these lors and you can only wonder where are the police.

When we decided to leave another shock took me. At the main road, there were also some 'working ladies' tryingto get customers. AT THE MAIN ROAD!!! I mean, doing it in the dark corners of unlitted alleys is one thing. In the broad bright lights of the main road is sheer defiance. One good thing arosed form that trip, its a great moral booster to have all these attractive women, signal you, wanting you....ok ok they only want my money, but I have none too bad, for them that is :)