Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Ok ok the title says it all, I am pissed mad, yes I hav enot been blogging for a while, but who reads it? Anyway lets go into why I am so pissed. I have been working this period at another building to do some stuff for the nus GRADUATION(commencement my ass) and I work in the auditorium control room there. On friday, I went to work there in the morning as usual, put my beloved oakley juilet with ruby lens(market price of SGD$848) into its pouch and zipped it up in the top compartment of my bag. I then placed this bag in the storage cupboard next to the table we set up our equipment.

After the morning session of graduation, the whole control room as usual will head down to the buffet for their usual break. I too went with them to eat my fill. I spent a bit of time talking to the student assistants that I so know by now, till ard 12+ where I felt teh urge to go to my car to get something from it. With the sun blazing I tot to myself to get my trusty oakley out. Headed to teh control room, opened the cupboard, found my top pouch open, felt that I remembered to close it. Then I discovered it, some ASSHOLE took my oakley!!!!


That is the 1st thing rang out in my mind. Thinking that someone played a prank on me, I went ard the room asking everone is anyone saw it either on teh floor or the table or anywhere and decided to help me keep it. but no, no one admited to taking it. Of course I was pissed then. On simmering down I realized that there was just one guy among those emplyed that could have taken it. Its a student that was employed as a floor manager and his name is Randall I think. He look suspicious the nite b4 and somehow I just got this gut feeling taht this fucker took it.

Problem is I have no proof.....well guys there goes my ruby lens juliet, now I am having withdrawal syndrome not having it on me. I feel so naked when the sun comes out. Maybe in future when the guy who took it has a child with no anus, that will be the guy who took my sunglasses. Well it could happen. I am just so sad that I have to go look for another pair and spend that kind of money, i dun think I can do with it on me though.......oh teh horrors!!!