Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The past 2 days.........

I have been going out late with my god sis from austrialia the past 2 days and am utterly shacked out. I need sleep and if this goes on I will surely get ito an accident soon. Anyway lets tok aboutmy mei mie, she brought with her her 2 real sisters, of which one is 26 and the other is 16. Both these ladies are very attractive but of coz teh younger one was much more than attractive. She would blossom into a gal of many men's desires in future.

Well I could not just leave 3 lovely ladies in the lurch and not go out with them again when they asked rite. So for teh second straight day, i went out for dinner with them, fighting the tiredness as I did. I met my god sis at corpthorn king's hotel for dinner, and looked thru their day's buys from their afternoon of shopping. The older sis was sharing with me that she bought some hi heel shoes, where the younger was digressing a 5566 video CD and a bag she got off 77 street.

Then they took out some korean horror flicks thet they purchased too. The younger sis was proudly beaming that she enjoys such flicks. I was quick to respond that she enjoys it witha pillow half covering her eyes rite? Then she gave her lovely beaming smile. Well they got into themirror, which I added that they will refrain from seeing mirrors alone in rooms in future after watchingthat.

Today was at work to man the commencement ceremony, wonder why it is called commencement when its actually a graduation for the graduates. Even on graduation these ppl from uni must have some chim name to call their graduation ceremony. graduation say graduation lah, call wad commencment.