Friday, July 02, 2004

Spider Man 2

Watched the wall crawler yesterday, as I already read a review for teh show, I was expecting good things for the show. I can say that this is a great sequel to the movie. As with most sequels that do not usually fair well, I must say that they did a great job to make this a good show not to miss. Aside from the intense action the movie also backs a great plot and the more 'human' side of spider man is uncovered even more. Only thing missing would be spiderman's hilarious wise cracks that he often gave in the animated series.

Aside from the movie, I spent the whole day at home, playing with my bunnies, letting them run freely ard my living room and chasing them ard. This seem to make them stop scratching in the middle of the nite. Well maybe I shd play with them more often. Also since last week, I have yet to repair my planes from the minor damage they sustained. I know you are gong to say I am lazy, well been busy these 4 days and well, just generally lack of energy to do the things I need to.

Xando doe snot seem to be working, day 6 and I am still hovering at 76+Kg. At this point of time I would be thankful if it helped me lost 3 kgs. though my clothes seems somewhat looser(maybe its all in my head) but the numbers do say i am still at the same weight I started off with. Oh well life sux.