Monday, July 05, 2004

SOme observations

After getting to know some ppl form the music underground IRC channels, I learned a few things, one of them is that nuthing is wad it seems most of the time. Like there is this one particular pers on that I know from this channel, lets call her Miss A, she is not bad looking bubbly character but tries too hard to please a certain few guys in that channel just becoz she thinks they are hunks. Guess wad these hunks sort of try to 'siam' her and she just dun gets it.

So I tot to myself and tot that I shld conduct an experiment to see if she is boy crazy or is it that these certain guys got an X factor that draws her in. So knowing that she has seen me before I asked if I can get close to her or not. But the reply I got was that she was not interested. Dejected I came to one of either conclusions, and that is that either guys are too good for her, or I am butt ugly. I think the later is the reason. Oh well must get a handsome guy to conduct this experiment in future.

I guess that is where the bitch and slut meanings come about. You know the one that says ' the difference btw a bitch and a slut is, a slut wil sleep with anyone, a bitch will sleep with anyone but you!' it feels so true for my case. in teh end, I guess I know more bitches than sluts in my life. This is the life of such a sad ass like myself. Oh well time for plastic surgery then :P

Then there is a lot of conflicts among the members of this very weird and wild channel. Certain ppl dun like certain ppl. If this person is goingto chiong, the other wun. Its all very weird and hard to understand. I guess my philosipy in life is a simple one, thats why it have never bothered me if who goes or not if I goingto have fun. Life is short, dun live it a way that you will regret it.