Saturday, July 03, 2004

Nite at Music Underground

Well was bored out of my hide last nite and decided to go to music underground to see wad clubbing looks like nowadays. Reached the old MU at 1130 and found out they moved to specialist center, which used to be the Ridley's, I wonder where Ridley's is now. Anyway was there at 12 mn when I finally found a parking lot in the center itself.

The music of MU is like that of sparks main hall, more of a technoy type of music, the deco and space of teh place is not that impressive. Though the place was somewhat packed, its dance floor was something left to be desired. the platform, or so called platform is really small and stage like. then there is a inner room near the toilet where by the ppl there dance facing the bar in unisone. Very weird as though they are all doing a performance.

I met up with some one whom I met a few days ago, well lets just say that sometimes I shld just stay at home. Thinking that I would be welcomed by this new friend, all I got was a cold smile and not even a hi. well its ok, I am used to this kinda treatment in my life. I shld have asked Willy along, prolly with that yandao kia ard, I wun be so ignored. Anyway I guess thats life, no one will notice me, well not now anyway, maybe in my past things would be different. so what if you got car or money, nowadays sg gals wun even give you a second look if you are not attractive.

Which comes to my next point, who says that if you gt a car gals will come to you? Well I proved that point wrong last nite. Not a single gal gave me a second look, nor did they even glance my way. Well I guess my 'let them come to me' mentality is not helping either. I guess its my hair, its ridiculously short so they must think I am butch
kakakkakakkaka. well its a good thing too I guess, since I would find it hard to shake a gal off if she wanted to kow me. Lots of ah lians ard, but if your not flashing thick gold chains and an ah beng look, forget about gals even spitting your way.

Well Ig uess this marks the end of my chionging days, now finally I can give it a rest, coz I did not miss anything nether did anything miss me. I have far too long not give my planes the attention they need. Its time to get back to my hobby.