Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Almost got into an accident

Well you have it, I guess teh 2 days of lack of sleep really took the toll on me. I was heading to yishun and as I wanted to change lane, i saw the vehicle behind me turned into the carpark, so I tot to move into that lane. i signaled and was about to turn and out of no where this motor cycle came speeding from behind. I braked hard and he too and resulted in a bump that had no damage.

The rider was not happy moved off and stoped in front at the red light. turned ard and started gesturing at me as though it was my fault. I admit I might have been hasty to turn out to the other lane. But i did chk all my blind spot and moved off promptly. The road was congested in front of me, and that rider shld not have been riding that fast in teh 1st place. He still dare to scold me after that. WTF, at least admit that you yourself could have been paitent and not squeeze between vehicles between lanes.

So I am going to do this instead.... I hop ethta guy 'si kia boh kar cheng' yup he deserves this curse for being impatient and try to put teh blame on me. motorcyclist shld know their own vulnerabilty and not speed and squeeze btw vehicles. They are small and no one can see them. He had his gf on his back and shld have been more cautious than that. Or was he tryingto impress his gf by zipping btw lanes thinking taht they can cut down their time. Well one day it might cut down their lives. This is most likely another victim suffering from SPS.