Thursday, July 08, 2004

Been communicating with childish ppl recently

I guess my nick name does imply that I am childish to others and it has teh knack of attracting either very childish ppl recently or matured ppl trying to give me chilidh answers. 1st and foremost, I like to state that this is a nick for myself and I would see fit wadever nick I would like to use. Second its a fucking nick you morons get over it already. Lastly, its getting tiresome and irritating havingto entertain morons like these already, so if you going to be either case 1 or case 2 dun fucking msg me at all.

Phew....that said, ok now for those that are of a matured audience have stayed on to tune into my whinings, well let me explain my situation, recently I have been knowing a lot of ppl on IRC, case 1 is a guy in irc that asked me about football and later decided to exchange msn contacts. This guy is a pest, lets just say, day in day out only tok about insurance to me, as he is an agent, I felt that if you want me as a friend, you shld tok less about insurance. Even if that is not possible, at least stop saying your company's insurance is teh best. All agents will say their company's is the best. Can't they get that out of their fucking head that unless some genuine friend tells me not to get his company's insurance and really makes a real recommendation from another company or so which is the best, then I will know that he/she is having my interest at heart and not trying to bullshit me about his company's shit?

I told this guy my opinion that every agent will say his company the best. Unless otherwise I will just take it that this guy is only after my money and not my interest as a friend. So he start telling me stories about his friends, how he give advice about buying jeans and they not taking it and regretting. I told him taht ppl like to mak etheir own mistakes, they dun like to be grandmawed. Then was like saying that his advice is always good, the thing is I dun even know him well, HOW THE FUCK CAN I JUSTIFY THAT STATEMENT IS TRUE???!!!! Wad a moron, he thinks my nick is naive and so I must take his word as law? Who the fuck he thinks he is? God?

I gave no hostile answers trying to state that a true friend wun keep toking about his product and asking his friends to buy it. Then he went started to say things like there are 2 kinds of ppl in this world, one that ask more and one that are too dumb to ask, and stated that I am the dumb kind, and of course with cowardice logged off afterwards. WTF!!! I only belib in that 50% of humans are dumb, and I am NOT dumb enuff for you to pull such a scam on, dumbass. Reflect your actions properly and do think if you really belong in that oother side of the fence where teh rest of teh 50% of humans are.

OK a bit Long I read on if you can

Case 2, I met some ppl in IRC, form this channel, where they go to a certain nite spot. Most of them are ard teh age of 20-30, well mostly are early 20s and I feel like one big old man there. Yet these ppl think that sinc emy nick is naive, they thnink I am dumb and really naive. I wonder how many stupid trees they hit when they were throw down the stupid forest. SOme of these gals in this channel, though 21-25 can really be so childish, and they say women mature faster than guys, oh yeah these nit wits speak like 18 yr olds or even 16 yr olds.

Wehn you ask for a simple thing like an age or so, do you think its amusing to ACT cute and ask ppl to guess, and at the end of the day when you are unbeleiving hearing ppl guess an older age, you juts dun want to tell after that just becoz you are pissed. i mean if its gonna piss you off, then say ur fucking age in teh 1st place.
DUn ask ppl to guess at all. You see the problem is so easily solved and yet these morons have no idea how to solve it. Just act like your fucking age and open yoru mouth and say. You are no longer a kid where by ppl hav eto coax it out of your CB mouth.

I wanna add one last thing, when you iRC and crap on tehmians, do you get insulted by some of teh things some ppl say? Esp when you urself started the whole issue? Esp gals whom insult guys by saying some stuff about their anatomy, then when the tables are turned, these 'gals' will feel hurt and get teh sympathy of the rest of the guys. WTF!!! you are no chaste gal in the 1st place by using vulgar words and why make it look like you are one? Damn these childish morons are getting to me more than I thought that it would. Oh well I guess when they grow up they will get a culture shock.