Monday, July 19, 2004

A little story

Walking down the rows of shops, aimlessly as I trode past each of them. Lost in my thoughts, and lost in my motions. Feeling empty inside, feeling naked outside. I wondered to myself if this is it. Am I goning to wonder aimlessly like this forever.  Wanting to complete myself, wanting to fill the emptiness, the hope in me is dimishing by the hour.
Then at that moment it dawned on me, that that lil corner I have yet to see. I peeked into teh shop, not seeing want I have long for made me sad. At teh corner of my eye I saw something all so familiar, could it be, it can't be, it is!! There it was sitting on teh display head. An oakley juliet ruby lens. I had to try it, I went inside and put it on, after 2 mins, I seem to not be able to take it off.
I was hooked, I missed teh feeling of it on me so much that I had to succumb to its power over me. 30 mins sit ting watching it in the mirror,  then came crunch time. I took out my visa for a swipe, just like that 800+ bucks gone. Only one thing I must say about myself........I am insane!!!
Its back!! I got it back on me!!!
Ok I sound like a obsessive deranged bastard....kakakkaka well I am sort of, minus teh bastard part :P A dear lesson I had to learn when I lost of older pair to some asshole who took it. I now will not trust anyone in my work place.
aside from loosing 800+ a day after payday, which my bonus sucks, I dun know how I am goiong to pay it off. Well most likely its bread and water for me for teh next 5 months or so. No more chionging for me too. Anyway no gals come up to me when I go, so I doubt I shld go at all :P
Well now I am in therapy(oakley style) taking good care of tehma nd making sure no scratches occur like the last time.