Friday, July 23, 2004

NIte at Newsroom

On wednesday nite, or was it thursday morning, I had a averagely fun time there with bai and shervon, well fun aside from being calle dirritating at the end of it. Finally someone dares to say I am irritating to my face and I thought that would never happen. Oh well shit happens, like every thing else that happens, be it ppl annoy or you annoy ppl on the road while driving, be it getting pissed with someone or something someone said in IRC or blogs, be it the bird shit that falls from the sky, it happens.

Lets get back to wednesday nite(or thursday morning) was there at 10 with shervon at 1st and we where there waiting for the crowd to come alive. As usual a lot of older women(ard late 20s to early 30s) strew ard the bar like they were on the verge to pounce on the next most available bachelour. Well seeing me, with my no money looks, of course none of the gals there took to me, further more I had to cheer shervon up for the miserable time she is having worrying over some coz that is actually all in her head.

Of coz as a friend I dun think it was a waste of my time, at least in the end she got wad she wanted and went home(somewhat) happy. Well I like to see ppl I know happy, so I guess I too was happy then. As teh dance floor came alive, I decided to ask bai to go platform to dance, as there is no where else he shld dance but there at his royal throne. On top of the platform. Oh he had a friend with him and she asked another friend to come and that other friend broght 2 guy friends one for herself an done tried to know her friend. which is all so confusing now rite? :D you go figure that out yourself.

So I saw them on teh dance floor refusing to come up to the throne and decided to go to them instead. dancing down on teh dance floor proved to be a sort of hap hazard. Well for me at least, some crazy gal 1st tried to hit on me by offering me her ladies nite drink, which I refused stating that I dun go for freebies. Also not wanting management of that place to take notice of me for taking free drinks. Well I can jolly well pay for myself. Then she tried to take a glup and kiss me to force me to drink her shit, which is a NO NO for me. Nope I dun kiss strange women, I am 1) not that cheap 2) not going get wadever disease she has & 3)  already getting enuff on my own.

Thats the end of part 1, later on in the nite i noticed this chick dancing at teh platform next to ours whe we returned to the platform. She was doing a dirty pole dancing routine, giving the pole a sexual high. I must admit that this gal is rather attractive, a bit dark but rather attractive. Later in teh nite she came over to our platform and started her ordeal with 1st me, well a bit, buit I am not so recepptive to her, later to bai, which totally disgusted him. She rubbed her crotch on his lap or sometihing like that, which drove him off teh platform. I went outside for a while.

I came back and saw bai on teh dance floor, and that gal in white was now doing teh dirty dancing with an ang moh. doing full crotch to hip, crotch to face and so on contact. At one point of time she looked like she was giving him a blow job. No wonder bai left the platform. anyway I guess thats why all the angmohs think that teh gal sin sg are so cheap, with gals like that, I guess they would all think the gal sin sg are cheap whores who would suck on an ang moh dick anyday.

Even so later in the nite, as we con't to party on teh platform where that slut was alrdy gone off, the gal that tried to hit on me earlier is now hitting on bai onteh platform, this time she tried to rub her ass on his crotch, I was laffing so hard I coul dnot stand. I think I must help bai annouce that he is gay the next time to all the women. But by doing so, I think the gals will think I am gay too, anyway I guess gays attract a lot of attention, which in term maybe a good thing :D

We decided to leave ard 2 + and this is where all teh unhappiness began, I wanted to go off as iots getting boring, so I ask bai if he wanted to leave, then he had to ask his friend who in term want to ask her friend if she can leave and so on. bai's friend know that I sort of know her friend and asked me to ask her if she wanted to leave. I normally oblige to such favours as I tot nothing of it. At teh end of it all, for teasing that gal being 'tao' I got scolded for nothing. I mean I have heard stories about this gal being a bitch when she is drunk, ok she is a bitch even when not drunk, but I guess this is the last straw. From now on whenI see her I wun even acknowledge I know her. She is sooooooooo cheap as in trying to bed that friend she asked to come. Getting all high and all, leaning on that guy.

Wadever I say, you wanna fuck ard, go ahead fuck ard, you wanna be screwed up, its your life. Its not mine. you want ppl to think your a fucking whore, its your life, I no longer regrad you as a aquaintance. I dun need to waste my time. in fact after this inccident I think I will go part y on my own from now on. I really dun need such shit when I am out to have a nite of fun.

Lastly on my note of the entry I made regarding the 10ys 5yrs 1yrs questions, I am sure many of you read it and some of you were angered by it. Ok let me try to put it this way, I have a memory that preceeds 10 yrs, even for little details on things that I did, or say and even if I want to forget. These memories are stuck in my head. I read mint's entry on her unhappiness that I sort of took it too seriously when i read her blog about her answers early on and stated that she did it out to make it sound funny. Well has it occured to you that I did my entry out to make it sound funny too? I did not refer to anyones post about it, so that entry of mine wa snot directed at her , in fact I did read a lot of blogs lately about the same kind of entries and thus decided to state wad I had on my mind. OK I did not state this in that entry now I am going to do it here. Isn't it funny that they only did these question when someone else does it. If lets say, one do it today and one in a months time and so on, I wun have such a problem or so with it. I just felt that when on such friend does it, all will follow suite, which seems liek teh trend(sort of) spreads liek wild fire.

Wad I shld have stated is that, maybe if they want to reflect when they feel like it, feel free, but not when becoz everyone is doing it, it feels so fake after that. Well its all your blogs, and this is mine, you guys can sayanything on your blogs and so can I on mine, so I wun say whether it is rite or wrong to blog the things you wanna blog. I guess everyone jus want to say how they feel, like me I felt that way too much of that was happeniung and felt no sense of direction in doing that exercise, thus I wrote wad I felt. Frankly speaking, I dunknow who or how many ppl read my shit,  even if its none, its fine, coz in teh end of teh day, I still read my own shit. You ppl get my point. Oh and i find it pointless to get mad at ppl on teh net :)

Oh///yeah very very lastly, that gal(the one that offended me at newsroom) told me that I was irritating in IRC and am irritating in real. I got one thing to say, well actually 2, I am irritaing on IRC I agree, but in irc everyone craps, at least I dun act cute. 2) you better look at yourself more, as a lot of stories about you is circulating about how irritating you are ard in irc. I dun give a damn as I told myself to write you off as a person I even know. So have a good life and get fucked which ever way you like and stay out of my way bitch.