Saturday, July 24, 2004

More avid replies......

This is more fun than since teh wheel was invented.......:P after reading mint's reply yet again, I felt that the word blog war was too strong, yet I have a lot of things i want to say to rebutt her but then I thought about it and am going to do something that no one else will usually do. I am going to leave it at that. Not that I am stating that I was wrong, as no one is wrong in their own blog, its a place for them to vent their hidden writer's sjkills anyway. Not that I am giving in coz she is a very attractive and talented babe, not that I respect her as teh friend I knew for soemtime. But becoz that I figure out that no matter wad I say in my blog, nor teh rebutts I put, someone out there will disagree.

I think in life we live it to satisfy ourselves, its hard to please one person let alone please everyone and I have made it a rule sometime ago that I shall not please anyone at all, but myself 1st. So I shall leave it as though I was wrong(notthe word 'though') in my views about the past comments about the questions that these ppl have posted. It seems that wadever I say will be viewed as politically wrong anyway so why bother rite? Its funny that it comes a time when a person can't even fart or make a statement of his own views in his OWN blog, dun you think? I mean the sole [purpose to a blog is to write out wad you feel. If not then why write.

I know a lot of ppl write in a way that seem to hamper wad they reallly want to burst out saying when they meet their closest of friends. Alas I dun have such luxury and thus I burst out in here wad my inner most thoughts wants to express. Yet I am rebutted from doing that. It seems to defeat the whole purpose of blogging to begin with.  On the hind sight, mint no matter wad is written in here I got this weird stigma in my gut that you will have something to say about so I shall leave it as that.

Anyway enuff crap about that. Now, at this point of time, its early morning of saturday, rain is pouring like the heavens were torn o[pen and water gushed out of its clouds. But why must it rain today!!! I want to go flying. Lately I have been neglecting my hobby, ever since I got the car which is funny, coz the whole idea of getting the car was for teh hobby. I think I shld start to get back to the hbby as my other past times seem to bring me more woes than happiness ( read nite at newsroom ). Also lately I think I have been having success in making ppl ard me pissed, be it on irc inet or in real. I really have a talent for it and I think I shld start courses on how to make ppl ard you pissed. I can charge 50 bucks a session and in no time I will be rich.

Why you say? well coz in sg it seems like everyone is workin all so hard to piss each other off everyday, thus, I can shw them how to do it in three easy steps and it wun be so hard anymore for them to piss each other off. Very soon we will be a nation of piss offs.

Tonite I am goingto watch I,Robot. I hope its good, though the story seems bleak and is a steretypical type of sci fi flick. So I heard, but will smith is a wonder for comedian and his cracks even in serious shows can be very funny.