Monday, July 26, 2004

My Stomach is killing me!!!

Yesterday I went flying in an open field in marina south. as its in the middle of no where and there is no toilet or shelter ard its teh perfect place to go flying, as there is no buildings for you to crash into. Yet the place is still bustling with ppl like orchard road. Alot of newly wed couples go there to have their photographs taken, as though there is only one place where they can think of to go, so we decided to buzz these ppl with our planes, actually they are in our flight path for landing, thus....

Anyway the main gist of this story....well being in the middle of an open field and the only place to relief oneself is a drain that is indented about 2-3 mbelow normal ground level. My stomach decided to tell me its time to purge. Thinking that i could resist the urge and pack up and go to the nearest place I can think of to pruge my contents, I quickly packed my stuff an dgot ready to leave as soon as possible. Having this big urge in the stomach, I tot to let a lil fart out is the only way to buy some time.

So I tried to let out some fart, but the problem wa sthat shit wanted to follow it, or it was more like the shit was on top of the fart and thus if fart came out, shit will burst out 1st. So my dilema is here, I had 2 choices, 1) to shit in my pants, or 2) to run down to teh drain and purge in the open where ppl might be able to see if they wondered where i disappeared to. I did not want to shit in my pants as it would really leave a mark in my car, thus, I ran as fast as I could, backed my ass above the drain and let it all out. Yup I am a shameless dog!!! I shitted in teh open. and it was not pretty at all. And they want to convert the mouth of the river at MS into a reservoir.

There I was helpless with no tissue, having the worst type of shit(literally)  coming out of my ass, making a mess of the drain and a bit of teh ledge. This si really disgusting I tot to myself worst thing is that this is the nasty type of slugy type of shit you have when you eat something that really protestes in your tummy. A few ppl I flew with saw me doing my doodoo(the shame.....I shall not go there for 3 months) luckily one guy got my tissue box an dpassed it to me. Still I feel like  adog manz. Good thing is no gal saw me else they would have nitemares for the next 6 months. Oh well shit really happens, literally.

On a side note, I robot was quite good. The story and all. It has a plot twist that some may not catch till towards the end of the show.  For those scifi buffs out there, this is one show you shld watch despite the corny name. Oh if you guys can't see me on line or if I dun update my blog fo rthe next few days, I probably am busy sealing my ass so that I wun put myself to shame again.