Monday, August 02, 2004

Jazzy blues on a Monday Morning

As the rain trickle down this sleepy morning, some of us still reluctant to get to work. Work starts out for me this monday morning at the UCC and to soft jazz music played and sung by the university jazz club. With angelic voice, teh lad singer, yvonne, croon to a few old time favourites of jazz and some new ones too. Though it was a cold morning, the great jazz played made me want to go back to bed even more.

Yvonne looks stuning in her red dress and with her soft eyes, and angelic voice, one can hardly keep their attention away from her. It felt like it was some live jazz bar where I could sit down and relax to my favourite bailey's on the rocks. Audio seems low, I rang out to the other team. I was tehre not to relax but to make sure that campus wide broadcast fo the event went smoothly. Boy I wish I was part of the audience. No, I wish I could get to know Yvonne, ok wrong head is taking over my senses, should tell him to yield.

10 am and everything was running fine, no more excuses for me to stay on. I guess its time for me to leave and head back to office, but not before i have my breakfast. Still in my head was the lovely tune sung by that lady in red. How unforgettable her face, voice and figure is.

Well teh last few weeks was really busy for me, moving to this team had have me up to my ears in work. thus i have no time to blog. I will still try to do so when I can, though no one reads this stuff, I guess its all for me.