Thursday, September 02, 2004

Newsroom and the 7th month

Well as you know ever since the semester here started in NUS, my life has been hell and had no time to go down to newsroom on wednesday due to the fact that the next day my day starts at 730am and ends at 9pm. Heck I dun even have time to come here to update my blog.

Anyway lets con't about newsroom. As I have been deprived for teh past 3 weeks or so, I really miss the fun times I had the last few weeks. Thus I had to just go down to look at how things were going for nb during the 7th month. I was not too shocked to see that the place was similar to a ghost town even at 1030pm and not many ppl was ard. I sat at the bar nearer to the other end and towards the dance floor.

I was surprised by the fact that the waitress I asked about if she felt cold wearing so less a few weeks back actually remebered wad I always order and ask if I wanted the same. I had already ordered my drink by then and told her its on the way. I wanted to only stay till 1130 only since I had a long day the following day. But somehow fate likes to play with us and always mess up oyur plans.

Lets just say it was a very fun nite i had though none of the ppl I always go with turn up. Anyway I guess its only a one time thing and I wished I could have gone back to last nite and changed a few things. I guess we cannot never have our cake and eat it. But I did enjoy most of teh nite anyway. Also to the gal I met last nite, thanks for the nite it sure brigthen my gloomy week even though I know that would be the last I would see you. Thanks anyway.

Tml I most likely will have to go down to newsroom again to meet Shervon and see wad she meant that it was a different feeling at nb. Also Harold, a waiter I got to know last nite, promised that he intro his friends if I went on fri nite. We will see how.

Yeah lastly, double O was as crowded as usual even though the 7th month had beseiged newsroom and mdm wong. But I cannot help to think that the comment made by a friend of mine that stated that the place is getting sleazier is actually true. I did witness a lot of semi drunk gals letting guys whom they dun seem to know fondle them. Talk about cheap thrills... I guess i dun go for such stuff as I dun think I am that cheap a guy.