Saturday, August 14, 2004

Drawing conclusions

Recently, a certain friend of mine has seem to be avoiding me, I tot it was just maybe that she was busy due to life and all but when I was not added to her friend list in multiply recently when I tried to add her as a friend, I guess that something is really wrong.

My conclusions is taht there shld be certain ppl out there that are toking bad about me behind my back. Thats teh problem when you know many ppl. Also I guess there is a common ego problem that every guy faces in sg. I mean guys here generally like to tok down about other guys in sg so that they themselves appear better and more attractive to the opposite sex. Refer to my SPS post.

At least I dun go around sleeping with others and boasting to ppl that I am happily attached. Or teh fact that when a gal leaves me, coz I fooled ard outside and she found out, play victim. Wadever the case, I dun care whom is the one that is saying all the shit about me behind my back. Also if my so called friend wants to hear stories of me from otehrs and therefore want to avoid me, so be it. I believe as a friend if you want to listen to other ppl's stories and act upon them without clarifying with me personally if they are true, well I dun care for such friends. Since they dun want to even find out the truth before acting, I guess such ppl are not worth my efforts as a friend.

Anyway I have always been alone and thus one less one more firend is a non issue with me. Ever since secondary school, make and loosing friends has been a common place to me. Thus I never actually call any one my good buddy, though I might treat them as one I never admit it, for fear of admiting it would one day cause that friend to fall out with me. Thus I gave up teh idea of having such a friend.