Friday, August 06, 2004

Random thoughts part II

Some more nonsensical thoughts from this perversed mind of mine. Hav eyou noticed that the drivers in singapore really suck. I mean they are not courteous, nit picking and miserly. I feel that when ever you signal your intentions when you going to change lane, the driver behind you tend to speed up so that you cannot change lanes. I mean wad the heck is this? Isn't the whole intention of signalling to allow someone to tell others to give way as you make your lane change.

Then there is the issue of an eye for an eye. I noticed that when someone cuts a person off on the road, the 'victim' tend to chase the other party down transforming our roads into a highway to hell. Some even over take the party that crossed them and get infront of them and purposely slow down to irritate teh other driver. Thus slowing down the traffic behind the 2 morons.

Lastly, drivers in singapore tend to think that fuel is too expensive. Why I say so, well coz when it come sto sending a friend home, they tend to say they are out of teh way and thus they cannot send them home. If the said friend is not close to the driver, I would understand, but if its a close friend then I think its all bullshit. Why I say so? coz singapore is so freaking small. It wun kill you to send a friend home.

I think its about time I retire form the clubbing scene again. As when the term for NUS start next week, I do not think I will have time to go clubbing anymore as I need to be at work on thursday mornings at 730 am . Which will conflict with my Wednesday nites fun outings. Also I think its high time i retire from it all, as I have been in the scene for a long time. Also when I go I normally go on my own and it seems to be taking its tow on me.

Maybe in a few years to come i will begin to miss it all again. Also I have been asking myself why I am going at all. I mean wad do I want out of it? Is it to be seen and see, or is it just to look at women embarrassing themselves. I have no idea what my intentions are to go clubbing at all. Probably in teh past I was there out of curiousity also then I wanted to meet gals form teh fast life, whom tend to live life to the fullest without thinking about their reprisals.

I dun have a reason to club anymore and even if I went, going alone is definitely taking its tow on me. Its awfully weird to have to answer why I am there alone when i meet someone there.