Wednesday, August 11, 2004

And today's lucky number is........

1168347..........Wahahhahahhaa that is teh number on my counter when I checked it. Ok its lame but I am too busy to deal with that shitty thing now. I dun think its acounter malfunction but more like some how, some one or ppl, want to make my site appear as a top site in search engines, got some bots to keep hitting my site thus the counter is running at 12 per second. Now i will never know how many ppl really come here to read my shit. Anyway I have given up on the counter already, I will just let it be till it becomes some obsence number.(like its not obsence enuff now, sheesh)

Well started my 1st week of hell, no more wednesday nite clubbing for me in a long while, no more clubbing for me in fact. I guess I will miss the times of watching drunk men and women in their stupor trying so very hard to get laid by their dream fling. I will also miss teh dance floor as bai and I used to dominate. Also I will miss the new names I get to know each week. So far there is Helen, Esther, Jaysomething, Janice and a few more that eludes my senses now.

Though I like teh nite life an dall, I guess I have been spending too much money going out at nite, probably this will help me kerb my spendingtill I can safely go at it again( probably in a months or so, so maybe never? who knows) The music, the lights, the women, the smoke, gawd I will miss it all. Well I guess i am a party animal at heart afterall. Time to tame teh wild beast and maybe put it to sleep.

On the other hand, a lot of fresh nus students all over campus since the term started. furthermore a few smiled at me today as I made my runs to get all the lecture theatres ready for webcast. I saw this SPG type gal with big eyes and she is so cute. I wonder if she knows I own a car...kakakkaka. Well I guess the problem with singaporean guys is that when a gal smiles at him he thinks he has a chance, but actually mybe she was just being friendly, go figure.

I guess thats why they say we singaporean men ar enot so cultured. LOLz. Work is like hell now, but I guess with all the fresh pussies running amok I dun mind the hard work. Also I feel that my tummy is shrinking, or so it seems, ok I know the wt is stagnant will you all be more supportive!!! Wahahaha I am in self denial. *rubs tummy* Tummy tummy pls shrink, I will be nice to you.

Oh well its lunch time and I am supposed to go eat, there I go..........