Monday, August 16, 2004

The counter is back to norm?

Finally I see a more sensable counter back to norm. Wadever happened to my counter, I hope it sure no happen again. On a side note, I went to the nus bizad bash at rouge on sat nite. Well Sort of regretted going, coz teh ppl I asked along seem to not have a good time at all. They went somewhere else early.

Anyway I was there among all the young ppl, whom obviously dun know how to dance to save their lives. Actually if not for the ' Malaysian Queen of salsa' and wick aura performing that nite. Also teh promise of salsa for teh 1st hour, I would not have gone. Yet they did not play salsa music and the performance did not start till ard 11. obvoiously I was pissed and my friends were turned off by the young crowd, thus leavingto their usual salsa haunt early.

I stayed on to watch wicked aura and the salsa queen do her jiggy, boy is she good at it. Wicked aura was...'wicked' and their music rocked. Yet they did not play the tune that made them famous and i was again disappointed. Hoping that they would play it. The gals ard my group, being young had no sense in dancing and thus they were mearly shaking their asses or jumpng to the music like mad ppl. I guess i am too old ofor teh crowd that nite.

After the performance ended, I left as soon as I could, not really want to participate in this juvenile behaviour.