Thursday, August 19, 2004

Its Been a while

Yup I know, its been a while since I have updated this lil place I call my own. Lets see wads changed since I updated....assholes still drive on teh roads, gals in arts act as though everyone wants to shag them and keep their shitty lil noses up high in the air, the uni students here think they are god....and PM lee's son is in ARTs and the lecturers are suckingup to him.

Well basically nuthing has changed but teh fact that I cannot go ladies nite anymore and my life is turned upside downa nd am in a state of constantly moving form point A to point B. But the view is good not that I must say. The fresh young vaginas runing all over the place that is. Only thing is, they dun give a shit about me. So I think I will ignore them from now on.

Also today some staaff asked me if I was staff or student coz I parked my car in a staff lot. I told him, wad you think if I had teh guts to park there, so wad should I be? Morons!!! so many morons in this world, so little space left.

Anyway today is thursday, thursday sucks..... I have to work from 730 am till 9 pm
It sucks worst than anything else I tell you