Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Its Ladies nite!!

Yup its wednesday again, and tonite is ladies nite. Being that it is still 7th month, I wonder f ppl bothered to go out at all. Anyway, I am sure no matter wad, the temptation of free alcoholic drinks is too much for many of the hardcore partiers out there.

Also today I feel free today, like a bird out of a cage. Remember for the past few nites I have been visited by this weird bitch in my dreams? Well the nite befor ei told her to fuck off and guess wad, she did. I also all of a sudden stop obsessing about her. I feel I can go out an dpiant the town red again, if not for my 730 am schedule tml. Well I will see how.

For all the ladies going out tonite, well have a good one and remember to use a condom!!