Tuesday, September 07, 2004

So you know.....

that recently my head feels like sewiss cheese in a grinder for some weird reason, and teh attribute to it is some gal appearing in my dreams for the past few days. Last nite I decided to do sometime else, in my dream I decided to tell her to fuck off and that seems to screw the whole dream up. The ending was different, other things happened, she ended going home with a old classmate.

Dun know if you can actually control your dreams or not. Sometimes I wonder if we are dreams of an actual person whom is sleeping while we are awake and when we sleep that person is actually awake. Thus that explains why you sometimes are more tired after uyou have done to bed. Ok I did say my mind is weird didn't I?

Well back to my story now, so since i have chnaged the content of my dream, which happens exactly teh same for the past few nites and ends teh same way, will it mean that I will not have it anymore? I hope so, cos I am about to call IMH to reserve my usual sweep if things do not progress well.

I usually do not think or brood over such minor things, so having this felling of obsession has really took me in a rather surprising fashion. I know I dun do desperation, let alone obsession, yet I still see this face every daysince, well less today, which seems to be a goo dthing. Anyway it leads me to think if someone has incanted a spell over me and thus I am actingteh way I am.

I know I am more logical than that, erver since I lost my ex, I have decided to leave my emotional side of me in a little place I keep unnder lock an dkey in my head. I have yet to open that tiny room in my head, for hell will break loose if I did. I know I will do irrational stuff.

Not that any of my current friends will know of my past emotional swings and craziness i put them through. Anyway I think I am much better now than b4, I guess the bastard and bitch theory finally caught up wiith me. That is that I am more of a bastard now than ever b4.

On a side note I did manage to finally start work on my last plane, the tail fins are finally one, well sort of, I will work on it to take my mind of things for a while.