Friday, September 10, 2004

Wads wrong with this world???

People killing people, all are mother's sons, why does it happen? These are the things in my mind today. Just read about the bombings in jakata. I dun understand why do ppl claim jihad and easily just bombsome building all in the name of jihad. WTF I say, I think these ppl just like to kill an dtook any stupid reason they can think of to kill someone, anyone.

Me I think they just lust for blood, thus they join such groups that give tem access to kill others for some reason, any reason. Why can't we just live an dlet live, instead or resorting to blowing each other up.

If it ever happens to sg, I guess all hell will break loose. Think of it, a bomb going off somewhere were expats gather, say boat Quay. Man that will be like so many casualties. I guess there will be nuts out there that just like to do harm to others. Iys some sort of power they feel when they take lives easily.

Which brings to a point of why we lik eto hurt others in the things we do, be it friends or ppl you just met. if only we were nicer to each other inteh world, I think every thing will work ouyt better. Wars will no longer exists, greed and such will become a distant past. Well we can't do much about lust though.

You think its far fetch, well it is far fetched if you think that way to begin with. if you a s an individual can be nice to other ard you then maybe this niceness miight spread? Then ppl will stop hurting each other.... Far fetch you say, why dun you try it for a few days and see if things ard you improve.