Monday, September 20, 2004

The effects of chicken Teriyaki Don

In the morning as I was reaching my office carpark, I saw this gal I seem to always bump into, sems like some sort of sick fate I have with her. I drove past her looking at her. She too paid a lil attetion to me. At the lift lobby she said hi 1st, I responded with my uaual cool self and murmured a hi back. as we walked towards the office buildings, she reached her office 1st and then again said bye to me, I in return had to return the greeting. Though I seen her countless of times, I did notknow her at all, well at least not on a 1st name basis. Thus I was rather politely shocked when she said hi to me today.

Also she being a gorgeous slim tall and everyman's dream type of gal, i would least expect her to even pay attention to the likes of me, let alone say hi to me. Thus I am puzzled why she even took note of my exsistence which puzzled me further.

Lunch tiime after a long crazy chat with someone online, I took a crvingto chicken teriyaki don, which led me to make wy for teh arts canteen, and on the way, I bumped into 'her' again. Is this fate? She looked at me, and gave one of her sweet smiles that I can melt into and all I can do was to return her with a half smile that I somehow mustered out. Damn I am bad with these things.

Later while having my meal, I overheard some student sayingthat how marriage is like the last step in a r/s. i was like wtf....I mean I tot I was naive, boy will they be disappointed.Which brings me to this point, my mom's god dotter sent her wedding invitations last nite to my place to invoite my whole family.

I ggot history to this gal, well the fact is she was 1st my gf then became my mom's gawd dotter. She also stayed in my home for 3 yrs, thus in effect during that time it was sort of a cohabit....well so, now it come sdown to this, to go to an ex gf''s wedding, it will be so weird for m, so I am opting iout of going. I will feel weird seeing a gal I used to date marrying some other guy. Thus I think I will save myself teh dispair and stay home to watch something on tele.