Thursday, September 16, 2004

This caught my attention

While in some philosophy lecture, the lecture read out a slide he was show. " is good to be selfish and it is good to be selfless as well..." I shot out of my seat and had that WTF l;ook on my face. I mean, how the heck does one be selfish and selfless AS WELL. It all feels like crap being pulled out of the ass when I heard those words. But he is a lecturer and thus, I guess this is why philosophers are so, confused most of the time.

Also as I was online todayI noticed more and more SPSed dickheads are invading teh internet. All so eger to inpress some bitch in irc, just becoz she is the only gal chatting, and puting down teh other guys in the channel. So that they look so almiighty and smart, dun these assholes know that the bitch sittting behind that pc most liklely is some poor fat bitch that no one wants to date and gets her kicks from guys insulting each other to vie for her attention.

It makes you wonder when did so many humans, fall down the stupid tree and hit every single branch. Esp when they got this concept that they will get laid by the so call bitch. WHy dun they get off their butts and get out of their home sto get to know soem real gals, instead of flooding teh IRC mains with senseless rants and adverts that get no where?