Tuesday, September 28, 2004

If only we were nicer to each other....

Lately I find that the ppl in sg are getting worse, how you ask? They are getting more uncaring, more rudfe to each other, more selfish...etc I think if everyone took a minute to be nicer to each other, we wun be so grouchy all the time. Lets face it, how many of us take the time to smile at a familiar face you see all the time but do not know? how many of us actually say thank you and mean it to some one [providing you a service or such?

I think our country is dixindling into a cold and heartless society. Well.. its getting to be like New York here, if fact worst than New York. Lets say if a person falls down, be it a child, man , lady, ah peh, ah ma, dog, cat...how many of us actually take time to bend down and help this person. If a person drops something, will you help pick it up? Sad to say ard 70% of us will just look the other way. Why is it soo hard to do something nice for a change? Until we need to have a campaign that have to encourage ppl to be nice to others.

I guess we are so caught up in this rat race that we loose wad is truely impt to us, our heart and soul. We have all turned to cold, selfish money grubbing idiots. When someone bumps into another, instead of teh usual sorry, you here grunts....like we are some sort of aniimal or somthing. Great Sg spent all that money to build infrastructure and schools, so that she can educate her ppl to grunt at each other when they bump into one another. Much as well stay a caveman eh?

Just yesterday i almost got into yet another accident, I was coming onto an expressway, and I was filtering in front of a lorry, so I did my usual chks blind spot and all, as I filtered, all of a sudden a car that I could not see at that time came form teh third lane into the lane I was going into and was on a collision course into teh side of my car. The damn BITCH got the cheek to horn me(she was coming from behind me) and did not even swerve to try to avoid me. I was like in the lane 3/4 of the way leow. WTF man... I had to avoid her and miss her. But you know teh beauty of teh story? The lanes infront of me and her were clear for at least 400m.

So I wonder to myself, shld I have just let the bitch ruin her new car on mine, to teach her a lesson? but I think it is not worth it, as I have been in an accident b4. and teh wait to get the car back is one wait I can do without. I find this fucked up behavouir more evident in rich bastards/bitches, to them its only money. They never spare a thought about anyone but themselves. I hope their children get rape/killed/sold as salves/wadever mean, to bring them down a few notches back to earth, where a bullet will kill me, you and Bush the same.