Friday, September 24, 2004

Woman that hang and sell....

Was At newsroom again on wed to celebrate a certain firy bird's hatchday. B4 they arrived, i was seated at the bar beside 2 ladies, though neither was that good looking to warrent me to even get to know them., I was bored. I found myself asking for the name of one of teh gals. She gave me her name but brushed me off saying ssomething in the lines that she is not interested or so. Which i could not make out due to teh loud music.

Later in the nite as it progressed, I found myself on my usual platform, gyrating to the intoxicating music withmy friends. Then the 2 gals that earlier rejested my advances also came up to join us on one of teh lesser platforms. I even caught the one that bruched me off smiling at me. Which at that moment I had no more intend to get to know these 2 nutcases.

I just dun get it, why do women like tto play these childish mind games. I guess I am this way that if you reject my advances the 1st time round then the boat has left the dock. If you try to entice me lter on again, then all you gonna get form me is scorn. I gets they just love the attention given to them by dumb men chasing/worshipping them. But then again, I am no dumb man...

Also a gal that I got to know teh 1st few weeks of come back to clubbing was at NB too, she saw me dancing with myy friends(guys and gals) n decided to sms sarcasit smses to me, asking me why I did not say hi to her. As earlier when she asked me if I was going down to nb and I asked if she missed me that is why she sms me, she told me to wait wait long long for her to miss me. Yet she asked me to go over to say hi to her and when I did, she flirted with me trying to get me to be interested in her again.

Why do they love these attention seekibng games? I mean the 1st few times I toked to her she never got close to me nor wantedme to get close to her. That nite when i was having fun with my friends, she came up to me asking for hugs and even kissed me. She also commented that teh gals I hang out with are pretty young, which gave clue that she felt threaten by younger gals. Its like a big cat fite or how my rabbits vie for my attention at home. When I give this particular rabbit attention, she runs away, then I start to play with the other rabbit, she will come to me at my feet and look at me as though telling me that I can only touch her and no other rabbits.

I can only say one thing.....WOMEN!!!