Saturday, October 30, 2004

Its Getting Ugly

I never wanted to have such turn of events, to an extend that one of her close ffriends come to my blog to try to give me a lesson in morals, Hey common I am sure your morals are not too good either, think about it, I dun mind being the bastard that everyone wants to make me out to be. Its ok, i dun have friends to being with, and there is not much damage that can be done to me.

Next, if you want to state things, i do hope you get your facts rite and ask her the trith b4 posting something like that in my blog, really makes you look like you pull shit out form your ass. If you are trying to get the gal whom I am with now to leave me in disgust, try all you want. If she really does want to leave me, then it is fate and she never really loved me, but no she is standing strong with me. Also I wonder in your life if you are truely in love with someone? Why do I ask this, coz, you seem judgemental and your reasoning is that i shld not have revealed my true feelings in me to prevent her from all teh things that is happening to her now. Is that love to you? I too wanted to end it nicely so that we can at least respect each other, thank you making it hard to do so, and when we tie up our loose ends, most likely it will be hard to be friends anymore, duw to a 'GOOD' friend she has in you.

To butterfly, i am not sure which of her 4 friend you are, be it you are the one that married for money, say a lot about morals eh, the one that married teh 1st guy that came into her life, then do you know wad love is?, the one that claims to be a christian and is ever so malicious, wow a malicious christian, or teh one I have no problems with, but if yu the one that is doing this then I have a problem with, I dun give a damn wad shit you say about me. It cannot hurt me much. but yu must think, wadever shit you put on this world wide accessable blog, you are doing more harm to her than to me.

Dun tell me that your relationshiup is prefect? If you end up in a divorce when your partner is caught cheating on you then wad? Dun impose your goody 2 shoes philosophy and go look after your own husband/s, dun thinkyou are god or justice to tell ppl off for their relationship problems. I must admit, I never expect her to take it so badly. i just wanted to be happy and yet i could not find it with her, so that is wrong? Anyway say wadever you want, i dun care at all. Instead of cursing me to death, why dun you gals turn your energy to give her support and form aNaiveguy bashing troop? That will help her pull out of the hole 'I' so dug for her.

P/S : if you did not get wad I am trying to say, simply put, STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY RELATIONSHIP AND HOW I DEAL WITH IT