Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Humans Bah!!!

Sometimes you wonder why ppl can be absolutely selfish, like just now during lunch thsi BITCH(yes you are one) drove out from a small road and not watching the major road she came out half way which mad eme brake in time to not hit her, she did not show any remorse and just drove off. I was like...WTF

Then later after lunch as I was heading to the expressway in front of me there was this merc that did not move off even when the light was green(obviously there shld be traffic in front) then there was this other merc behind me kept honking his horn like there is no tml or the warrenty of his horn is runningout soon and he had to jam on it. I gave a hand gesture that if he can fly OVER me. I was like WTF when he pull beside me and stared at me.

Then lastly, there are ppl whom come to read MY blog and demand that I update it, its MY blog, so if and when I have time I will update it, I dun write for anyone else but for ME, else I will call it UR blog and not MY blog. I hope you ppl that are pissed or miffed with me not updating MY blog understand that 1) there is nothing you can do to make me update it 2) go get a life obviously you dun have one as you seem to devote your time insulting ppl in their OWN blogs.

Well I have been busy with this online game, so you might not see me blog or the blogging will be spasmatic, meaning non consistant, thus I do hope you guys do not chk back every single day, though I am touch that I do hav eppl coming to my blog to read it. Just that I dun want to MANUFACTURE a blog so that my viewership increases, unlike some shameless whores we know :P Ok back to the game, its called gunbound, for weeks I have been hearing about it, when I finally decide to try it, I am hooked on it. It looks childish if you see it at 1st hand, but if you did try it you would find that its tougher than it looks.

You play with international players via the internet and is good for ages 5 yrs and up, but I seriously dun wish anymore 5 yr olds to join as I am so sick of playing with them, and they kill me(on their own team) or themselves. Btw the url is www.gunbound.net its a korean made game so their native language is not english but they do try hard to appeal to the rest of the english speaking world. Have fun and dun blame me if you get addicted to it. I know I am.