Monday, December 13, 2004

As fast as Wet??

The weekedn went by so fast that I could not hold on to my pants, in fact it was as fast as wet... wtf am I toking about u say? Well due to teh shitty weather we had over the weekend, I had to stay indoors. Furthermore there were so many progams this weekend that I had to forgo flying. Oh well there is always next week.

I am supposed to moe all my shit out of my cubicle by wednesday. I am impress that 90% of my shit fits in a box no bigger than an LCD monitor box. Sad that I still got stuff that I have yet to move and an empty box waitingto be filled. Then there are these 2 crazy PCs I have to move. I hope nothing gets lost in 'transistion' while I move to the floor below...

I feel corny today...a lil horny too.. oh well my best friend 9read as right hand) should suffice.