Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Back from the lost world

A lot of shifting and moving happening over teh last 2 weeks, plus the holidays and my long deserved 1 week long holiday all happening at one time, I am left without time to update things here.
1stly there is teh shifting for my office to teh auditoriums, I have positioned my pcs and monitors in uch a fashion that it feels like mission control of a space shuttle lanuch. Furthermore it doe snot help when my place is top most table in the center. I feel like I am at teh command position LOL. Imagnie this, you sit at a tabl e not just with 1 terminal but 3 monitors in a fashion with all 3 monitors facing you ( 1 front, 1 left and 1 rite)

Then there was miss special whiny's house movingand office moving all happening atthe same time. Of coz I did help with her relocation but has yet get her pc up and running. I gues moving always require some time to settle down

Also last wek I went to JB again and got lost in JB again.... well got a lot of pirated stuff from across teh border but was caught with them at teh chk point. Anyway the day did not feel rit eto begin with like some one said. thus I guess it has to happen to us. The gals as usual did moe shopping than teh guys. We finally managed to eat teh sea food at sentosa there.

in 2 weeks so much has happened but I have yet teh time to write everything that has happened in teh last few days. I still am having some bloggers block and need to at least finish my metal gear solid 3 before I can write my usual shit that everyone laffs at . Evreything shld go back to normal in a few weeks tiem, I hope

Lastly I got myself a nintendo DS, yes the lust has succumbed me, though its a hefty 400 bucs, I do enjoy it a lot and happy with it. But my pockets are protesting as I still have road tax, insurance and maintanence I have yet to pay for my car.