Monday, February 07, 2005

Back from reservist

Was in camp SAF for the pat week, as usual the SAF did an excellent job at wasting our time. We were told to go back there for a SAR21 conversion course, you know the singapore made assualt rifle which is heavier than the US counterpart and is not as user friendly as they advertise it to be. Aside from being heavier than teh M16 we are all so used to, it has a very weird placement of a safety switch that needs both hands to engage. Though the gun is a bit more accurate than the M16, it is not that much more accurate.

Aside from wasting my time, I did not et teh rest I was hoping to get, instead I feel more tired now. My bunk has these 5 gamblers that do not seem to like to sleep in the nite, and they will stay up thru out the nite to gamble and smoke. The rest of us have to endure that for a week. Coming back and finding out that I have to work on chinese new yr eve till 6pm, I am rather pissed, as I have yet to ckean my room windows, oh well I guess I will lock up my room when ppl come to visit me.

The thing is that the schedule is planned by my malay colleague, I sometimes feel that he seems to plan things smoothly for his malay counterparts and let the rest of us chinese to die. It feels unfair, but wad can I say rite? I am justa a small fry here.

V day is coming, though I do not celebrate it, due to the exorbant prices that all these blood suckers charge on that day, I am required to do something on that day. I guess a simple meal and show shld be ok on my wallet, well pay dy is only 4 days after that I guess. Then there is the question of wad i want for myself, I actually have nothing I want. I tend to get wad I want myself as they tend to be expensive.

Been spending lots of time over teh weekend with miss special whiney, watching SATC and other DVDs. The time just lazing on the floor and bed is also quite cute. But due to teh lack of sleep I had, I hae been doing a lot of sleeping. At least i got someone to hug when I slept.

Lastly a note to all those whom have no one for this V day, its only a day that is the same as any day, so why make it a appointment to spend it with someone, even if it meant anyone? Its so silly to see ppl broading their lack of love life during this time of teh month, if you are truely in love, then everyday should be a valentine's day.


Turns out that I do not have to work till 6pm tml, oh well good for me. BUT, I lost one of my nose pieces for my oakley sunglasses.....Why me... the stupid carpark at NUS decide t make me pay for parking in a season parking lot which I had already PAID for every feels like the world is hating me all over again.