Monday, February 14, 2005

Woe is me part 2

It seems that my luck has not changed and to add on to my misfortune the following happened.

1) I crashed my newest plane so hard that not only was it in many pieces, I might have even damaged the $100 battrey in it. The plane is resting in pieces now.

2) my pc decided to kill itself again and did not want to start up at all. This made me very angry and had to reinstall the whole windows again. After reinstalling, it is still not working rite, as the wireless card is not workin at all.

It might seem that maybe becoz my bunk was haunted that something of the thirdkind has passed its luck on me....DAMN YOU STUPID SPIRITS *cast exorcism spell on it* GET TEH FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE IF YOU ARE LEECHING ON MY LUCK

As though my life is not bad enuff, things seem to have turned for the worst since i got back from reservist, not a single day went by smoothly. to add on to my misery, I have this fucked up colleague of mine whom is utterly selfish and thinks he is the biggest entity in my dept. YEt he is teh most junior one. He is true the biggest entity in my dept (physically) with an equally big ego to boot. tok about ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside.

Wad he did was to take home the key I needed for this mornings lecture and when I sms him about it, he said in a nonchalant way, 'you can get it form me at 950 or get it from the eng ava' WTF....he comes to work at 950???!!! and wants me to go find him to get it?? shld he not pass it to me since he was the selfish bastard that took the key home cause he did not want to return it on sat?!!! These malaysian PR CheeByes are really getting on my nerves. Is it me or do all teh malaysian chinese I encounter have this attitude that they cannot loose out at all?

If I had my way i would have sent a nuke to their country leveling everything, well of course that would wipe of singapore too.. oh fuck wat the hell.... lets just nuke everyone and be done with it.