Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Woe is Me

As you have noticed I wrote this orginal entry and blogger decided to loose all my content of this blog and thus I have to re typed it. I was saying that yesterday felt like the whole world was against me. why I say so? this is why ...

1) When I got back from a week long of reservist, my colleague told me that a certain lecture that I webcasted a week before that had audio problems and wanted it re-encoded. the thing is that the tape has already been recycled.

2) The carpark at work decided that me paying for season parking is not enuff and decided to make me pay at the gantry another $1.92. I am a freaking season parking holder for a few months for gawds sake.

3) as i wanted to replace a blown headlight light bulb in my car ( to no avail ) I forgot to screw back teh water tight seal for teh electrical wiring that lead to the the lights and drove off. The cover fell into the engine compartment that took me 20 mins to retrieve.

4) I was late for a letcure due to No. 3 and had to rush to teh lecture room.

5) the pron I borrowed from my friend consisted of aunties form teh late 70s...infact all the disc look like they came from that era.

6) As I was disconnectingteh DVD player from teh power, i accidentally touched the video input of the VCR cause the lecture to loose 10 mins of the video and I did not realize till it was over.

7) some asshole squeezed his way in front of me in his van at teh slip lane which was wide enuff for only 1 car. He was pretty smug about it some more. I swear if I was not alone I would have beating him to a pulp with my steering wheel lock.

8) fucking blogger ate everything I typed andthus made me retype everything again.

Now you see was I am so pissed, its like everyone and everthing is out to get me. or someone up there just wants to make fun of me and watch me suffer * shakes fists at the sky *, why not just smite me, it will be quicker.

If not for my gal gal, who was trying so hard to calm me down and cheer me up, i guess I would have gotten out on the streets and killed someone. Thank you gal for trying so hard to make me feel better. Also on top of all these I got no less than 3 ulcers inmy mouth and a sore throat, seems like it is going to be a long chinese new year.