Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Young man Dun 'zhen' old man....got 'Bao Yin' one!!!

Thats wad I have in my mind when the saddist 20 yr old PTI decided to make us do an exercise called lines. Wad this exercise requires us to do is to run from one end of a badminton court breath wise to the other side. Does not sound saddistic you say? Well you got to run to every whiteline and then run back to the start and then run to the next white line after that until you reach the last line and back and then do the reverse order. That is considered 1 set. We had to do 5!!

Nabeh, I tell you if I can run those white lines in those order and at that speed you think I will be in RT? as I said, you play with old man like thta, your future also will have retribution ( like never tell your father how to fuck, its teh same principle).

My arms legs and body is aching over the session I had last nite. Not only did they include teh above mention exercise (read as torture) they also made us do reps of mass PT, which incidentally involved 20 something pushups, sit ups and wadever saddistic form of physically torture (in no less than 5 different variations) they like to see old men do. And that is only 1 set, we had to do 2 sets. Did not someone say doing push ups were useless in helping our chin ups? Oh yeah their OC told us that...DUH!

I dread going back tml to find out wad other evil plan they have for us tml. Much as well just shove a spike up our asses if they so like to see us sprawled on teh ground. We are toking about 200+ men ard the age of 28-40 in a space no bigger than 3 badminton court. To think that 4 20yr olds have that much power over 200 men my age does make me wonder wtf is wrong with us.