Monday, February 28, 2005

New plane and big smiles

On approach to the scorched lands of Mordor (Marina south) where there were large patches of blacked ground all ard the place i used to fly. i could not help but to remember the reports of bush fires that were happening in sillypore. Waiting already was a friend of mine, with his car in teh middle of the field.

Drizzle of rain came down and sort of dampening our spirits. He still flew his plane as usal for the little rain is not going to to deprive him of his fun. i was not going to fly my new plane in this weather thus I brought an older plane (one of my 1st planes that I flew) got her ready and chucked her in the air.

The flight was boring and soon I had to bring her down to land. On final approach I got lazy and decided to land on the rocks as I was too lazy to abort and got for a second run for the field to get a proper landing. on touching the hard rocks the fuselage broke in 2, cockpit went flying inthe air pilot and all, as though mashimaru decide to hit the ejector seat.

The rest of us had a good laff at wad had transpired. Trying to put the plane together with some quick glue seems to be in vain. As the plane is almost 3 yrs old, the foam is rather brittle now. Thus while playing with mashimaru, lil miss whiny tried to put the cockpit back in to the plane and with her tyrannosaurus strength, she broke the plane in 2 agian. Knowing that it seems to be the time to retire the old gal, I remove all her equipment and let her float off to plane haven.

The clouds moved aside but the day was still grey ( from all that haze) Time to bring out the new plane. An electra Jet with covering that made it look like thunder birds. Prep her ready, all the rest awaited to see how it flew. Chucked her in the air with power to find herflying in a sort of weird manner like it was slight tail heavy. Was wondering if history was about to repeat with her like wad happened to the SU.

Trimed her down and got her to fly somewat properly, she seem to be a better flier than the SU. Took her down for a flawless landing and readjust the motor mount as the thrust line may be the felon that cause teh nose to pitch up too much during flight. Second throw, she went straight and glied into teh ground. No damage there. Just a bruised ego. Third throw, after eleron adjustments, she dipped as I rammed power into her and try to pull up and she floated up.

Flew a few circuits into her and soon wide smiles were seen on my face. Its a good feeling to have a new plane fly so well, esp after you lost a plane a few weeks b4 that. Well now i got a new favourite plane, its also my 1st pusher that I fly successfully with no evnts. Though I lost another plane, and there is one empty space in my hanger now, I wonder wad i would put there to replace it. Maybe I shall wait of a new one that is on its way, or maybe i would get one of those $200+ planes that I have been lusting for.