Wednesday, February 16, 2005

After Thoughts

After reading a blog from somewhere, it dawned on me that there are a lot of shallow ppl out there, be it dating guys because they have material things (drives a car, etc) or dating women with big boobs, its all considered being shallow. What happened to the time when ppl believed in true love an dthey can just eat air to survive?

Then on the same article I read, it dawned on me that this writer is actually a very mean person whom is insercure about herself and yet blames it on teh rest of teh world. I guess many ppl are like that. They feel that for some reason their misfortune is never their own fault, thus they look for reasons to blame other things, be it the sky, the earth, the sun, the moon. You get teh picture? Have they ever thought that why they are in that pit so deep was their own doing and they were the ones whom dug teh pit to begin with?

Even if some of them realize that they re flawwed, it does not do much unless they know that they have to correct or at least try to improve on those areas. Its like they know that their character sux, but they expect the world to change to suit them and not to change a bit. I guess its only fair that the world change a bit to accomadate you but you must change a fair lot more to accomadate the world rite?

In the end I felt that I was reading a fairly fake blog which is laced with hypocrisy and yet a few articles away, she was condemn some ppl for being hypocritical. One shld learn to look at one self before judging others, well I dun beleive in judging anyway. Though I do it subconciously, I try not to, I am human after all.

Its funny that I even read this blog at all, since there are a lot of things that I do not agree with the reader, nor am i an avid fan at all. In fact given a choice I guess I would not even want to meet this person in real at all, no matter how tame ppl have reported her to be in real. Yet I find that after reading the after thoughts of this person and seeing how different she is in real I guess I cannot help to wonder which is the real her. The blog her or the one ppl meet in real?

On a side note, last nite I have a faint attack. Its been a long time since I had one of these episodes. In the past when I was younger I used to have them and they seemed to be stressed induced. I would get breathless and then mind goes blank, eyes go blurry and then i colapse on the floor. Many a times at some desolated place an dppl just walk by. Last nite I guess due the lack of 2 proper meals and teh running I did, I felt so weak that I just wanted to lay down and not get up. Being in nus, i wondered how many would walk past without even bothering.

I just lay on a bench resting, when I finally got up I found a weird bite on my arm that is not itchy nor painful, but it looked like there was bleeding under the skin and looked a bit red. The patch is ard 10mm thick. Maybe some radiated insect bit me a dI might turn into some form of super hero ala spiderman style. Like 'Flyman', 'Mosquito Man' or maybe 'AntMan' real cheesy I know. Arm feels weird in a numb sort of way though but the numbness is real slight.

~ We are so polite when a stranger steps on our toes and we flare up at a love one that did something trivial to disappoint us, isn't that sad that we cannot show them the same grace we give the stranger? ~