Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Rude ppl at hawker centres

I went to eat something different at the lor 5 hawker centre last nite with my gal, when I arrived back at the table after ordering food, I noticed to other ppl were sitting at the table. I thought nothing about it. Thus just calmly sat down and lay teh food infront of us. Later gal gal told me that these two idiots just sat down without asking if the seats were taken. Even worst is that they sat rite next to her and she had to move a seat.

WTF is wrong with these morons? as though sitting down at a table without asking is not bad enuff, they had teh cheek to just plop down next to my gal. The guy was obnoxious and teh gal is a bitch raving about the lottery she had won. I told gal gal that is all karma, something bad will befall them. Also the 2 idiots were toking so loud and were irritating the both of us and prvented us from really enjoying wad should have been a quiet dinner.

Then the guy was like stating that he wanted to change his car, a toyota he said....later saying he was looking at the altis. Look dumb ass not rich dun act rich ok ? can? If you want to act rich at least buy a car that is costly, not some cheap thailand built car for its brand name. Its like buying prada from china.

I haate posers like that, think they are all that rich tok in a rich ang moh accent, but when you strike toto for a few hundred bucks, gets all excited and announces to the whole world that you struck, oh that shows how rich you are dumbass. Lil miss whiny was thoroughly annoyed by this dumb bitch raving about the toto she won to the aunties there and did not even know wad to do , i.e. write nirc at the back of ticket. Shows that this is the 1st time she struck lottery at all. Wad is it you spent? $1000-$2000 on tix so far? Wow a few hundred bucks really broke even hor?(sarcasm)

On another note, spent more time fixing the bloodly piece of shit of a pc. I swear tio gawd that it has a life of its own. Its still not working teh way I want it. It has this weird error when it boots up, and my OS is in F drive and other HD is G drive...WTF. DAMN YOU MICROSOFT *cock slaps bill gates* I will attempt to redo it again now that I am more familiar with wad to do with this piece of shit. I thinkI will format G drive too justto make sure all the pesky viruses are gone.