Friday, March 04, 2005

Wedding in NUS?

Walking to the arts canteen, there was some sort of comotion going on at teh lower level of seats. To my dismay, there was this couple dressed in formal full white. Gal with flowers in hand, guy with combed back hair. Crowds of ppl stand ard them shjouting the ritual yum seng. In my mind I was wondering which dum ass whom cock hair is no longer than my armpit hair is going to marry at this dumb age, let alone do it in the school canteen.

I did my habitual 'damn students' and found a seat at the back of the canteen so that I can hide from the world. Got my food and prepared to chow down, when this idiot came up to me asking for donations. I looked at him for a while an dhe said that the donations are for some children's society and was connected to the 'play' I witness a few moments ago. I usually dun give donations, esp now in my time of adversity. Still I did not know why I manage to chuck in 50 cents into his made shift bag. That 50 cents could have gone to something more worth while, oh well treat it as a show fees. I guess getting rid of the idiot from my face was worth teh 50 cents.

Lunch was uneventful, no bad tummies nor reactions to the food I take nowaday. The trip back to office left me with some questions though as I haped across this 'ah lian' with a crotch length SKIRT. Had it been shorts I would not have any quams about. I mean, look this is nus, no longer a university , but a whore house, as these dumb 'ah lians' seem to want to paint teh image of this so called institue of education. The thing is, I did not only haped across one, but I haped across no less than 3 other gals wearing similar length skirts. Its confirmed...NUS is a whorehouse.

Maybe the fact that it is friday contributed to these slut dressing gals. must be that they are going to chiong and get their eventiual bang tonite that made them dress as a local breed of streetwalkers. Times like these make me ever so wonder if I am ever going to have children due to the fact that the children these days scare me with that tenacity to dress as sluts.